Free shipping on orders over $150

We have recently launched a Rewards Program and you're invited to join! 

Basically, every $ spent = 1 point. But here's a breakdown of the specifics!

A little more detail:

Types of Rewards you can redeem:

  • 10% off on your birthday
  • $20 off
  • $40 off 

Ways you can earn points: 

  • Purchasing items from SWEAT either online or in-store. 
  • Signing up and completing a profile online. 
  • Referring friends. Points are rewarded when a friend makes their first purchase.
  • Following SWEAT on social media, having a birthday (the easiest way to earn points!), and much more! 

Other bonuses you'll receive include special discounts and extra points events only available to our Rewards Program members!

Here's a snapshot of rewards and ways to earn:

sweat rewards ways to earn


Look for the 'Earn Rewards' badge on to sign up!

sweat earn rewards badge

May 11, 2019 — Christina Calamia