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Hair Blotters


Brand Recess

Oil + Sweat Absorbing

RECESS hair blotters absorb grease, sweat + grime to keep your hair looking + feeling fresh. Making good hair days last longer.

A spray-less, lighter, healthier dry shampoo.

The key when using these is to gently rub the blotter on the scalp and get to the roots, rather than the surface of your hair. Check out some helpful usage tips in the directions here, and below. 


  • Charcoal: Draws out impurities, excess oils + naturally deodorizes. 
  • Hemp: Eco-friendly + nontoxic paper alternative.

Less harmful + lighter than dry shampoo (no powder, no aerosols or spray). The blotters work by removing grime without damaging hair follicles. 

Safe for all hairlines.

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